Make a Change!

I have to say, I hate when teenagers feel alone, misunderstood, pushed aside, and made fun of.  I don’t think I’ll ever fully understand why other teens don’t step in and help, or worse, why some of them help contribute to the pain of others.

However, I do think that some don’t step in because they worry about what their friends will think, or maybe they’re just afraid or creeped out by the kid who’s the outcast.  As for the ones who help contribute, I think they must be so unhappy with their own lives that they have to take it out on others.  Or maybe it’s as simple as plain arrogance- thinking they’re better than the other.  Oh please!

I’d like to challenge you:  If you are the one who makes the problem worse for the other- if you tease, avoid, and tear down another, please don’t.   I beg you!  If you are one who doesn’t say “hi”, is ashamed to befriend, or ignores the problem, please don’t.  I beg of you also!

Please never underestimate the power you hold.  Never underestimate the power one smile can make in the life of another.  Don’t ignore your heart when it tells you to invite a lonely kid to your lunch table.  You can be the difference between life and death to that kid. 



What do you REALLY want?

I’ve spent a lot of time talking with teenagers one-on-one and in small groups, something I love to do due to their ability to be “real” and honest with me- mostly.

We talk about all kinds of things like family, self-esteem, dealing with gossip and more.  What do you think they feel is the greatest problem they face?


Teens want to know how to deal with it.  They want to know how to get away from it.  They know that if they tell their friends “no” to something, then they’re be made fun of, talked about, or even shunned.  This, of course, tends to make them want to give in just so they can fit in.

I feel bad about that.  I know how it feels.  However, there was one thing that recently dawned on me.  Many times teens blame their friends for something they really want to do; they may not even realize it.

Take smoking pot for instance (one of the biggest deals to date).  Teens may start because a friend asked them to, but why don’t they stop?  Some say because of the peer-pressure, but let’s be honest- many don’t for the simple reason that they just don’t want to. What a revelation.  This changes everything.

I wonder: Do teenagers even realize this is the case?  Have they been blinded into thinking that it’s their friends fault?  Or is possible that they really do know that it’s just something they “want” to do and are using their friends as a cover?

If you or someone you know fits this description then I ask you to open your eyes.  I beg you to take your mask off and really look at yourself and why YOU chose to do what you do… don’t blame others anymore. 

This is YOUR life, now own it.