You ARE loved

What a simple, sometimes overused statement~ Oh, but how true it is!

I always tell teens, even if I’ve just met them, “I love you!”  Sure, sometimes I get strange looks and disbelief, after all, how can a total stranger love someone right?  But sometimes I get a huge smile and I see a heart that melts just a little.  The thought of being loved can bring a ray of light into our lives.

Let me address the question, “How can you love a total stranger?”  Let me ask you: If you want to have children when you grow up, think about that baby.  Do you feel love in your heart? I bet you do.  Why? Is it because you feel it’s a life you’re meant to look over?  Is it because you automatically feel a connection to that child?  Well I feel the same way! 

I remember the first time I felt led to work with teenagers.  Sure, I was a bit scared not knowing what to expect and not feeling like I had much to offer, but more than anything I felt the need to do it.  I felt like it was a duty.  After all, what else could I do with my past~ with my tragedies and triumphs~ other than to share it with those who needed it most? 

I felt an automatic responsibility and connection… I felt motherly love fill my heart and this was even before I had children of my own.  I can’t help that I feel this way~ I just do 🙂

There have been many nights where I’ve cried myself to sleep thinking of youth in need.  Some teens I already knew and some I was yet to know.  I finally just realized that God was filling my heart with just a fraction of the love he feels for teenagers~ for you.

So, when I say you’re loved I’m not throwing worthless words into the wind~ I mean it.  I truly mean that I love you~ I love you because God loves you and because I want to offer you a love I felt I lacked in my own life when I was your age (I’m not placing blame on anyone in my past, it’s just the way I felt, the way I perceived my world and truth is, perception is seen as reality).

In summary, and you can take it or leave it but I certainly hope you take it: You ARE loved!


Not just another star in the sky

To get straight to the point, I have to ask, “Do you have any idea how valuable you are?”  From my experience with speaking with hundreds of teenagers, I have to tell you  “More than likely, you don’t.”  In fact, many people in general have no idea.

As for teenagers, you think you’re just like everyone else; just another star in the sky with no real purpose.  Honestly, it breaks my heart.

You’re so precious!  To me, and to the One who created you.  As simple as it sounds, you WERE created for a purpose.  You were created to help change the world in which you live.  If only everyone of you could grasp that concept the whole world would be taken by storm.  The whole world could change for the better.  It’s not a simple statement, it’s a fact!

Today, and even the days that follow,please, please think about how important you are.  Think about the change you represent.  I know that each and every teen I’ve met has been instrumental in changing my life for the better~ they’ve made me want to be a better person and have helped me see my destiny. So if you can can help change my life, how much more can you help change others?