Not just another star in the sky

To get straight to the point, I have to ask, “Do you have any idea how valuable you are?”  From my experience with speaking with hundreds of teenagers, I have to tell you  “More than likely, you don’t.”  In fact, many people in general have no idea.

As for teenagers, you think you’re just like everyone else; just another star in the sky with no real purpose.  Honestly, it breaks my heart.

You’re so precious!  To me, and to the One who created you.  As simple as it sounds, you WERE created for a purpose.  You were created to help change the world in which you live.  If only everyone of you could grasp that concept the whole world would be taken by storm.  The whole world could change for the better.  It’s not a simple statement, it’s a fact!

Today, and even the days that follow,please, please think about how important you are.  Think about the change you represent.  I know that each and every teen I’ve met has been instrumental in changing my life for the better~ they’ve made me want to be a better person and have helped me see my destiny. So if you can can help change my life, how much more can you help change others?


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