You ARE loved

What a simple, sometimes overused statement~ Oh, but how true it is!

I always tell teens, even if I’ve just met them, “I love you!”  Sure, sometimes I get strange looks and disbelief, after all, how can a total stranger love someone right?  But sometimes I get a huge smile and I see a heart that melts just a little.  The thought of being loved can bring a ray of light into our lives.

Let me address the question, “How can you love a total stranger?”  Let me ask you: If you want to have children when you grow up, think about that baby.  Do you feel love in your heart? I bet you do.  Why? Is it because you feel it’s a life you’re meant to look over?  Is it because you automatically feel a connection to that child?  Well I feel the same way! 

I remember the first time I felt led to work with teenagers.  Sure, I was a bit scared not knowing what to expect and not feeling like I had much to offer, but more than anything I felt the need to do it.  I felt like it was a duty.  After all, what else could I do with my past~ with my tragedies and triumphs~ other than to share it with those who needed it most? 

I felt an automatic responsibility and connection… I felt motherly love fill my heart and this was even before I had children of my own.  I can’t help that I feel this way~ I just do 🙂

There have been many nights where I’ve cried myself to sleep thinking of youth in need.  Some teens I already knew and some I was yet to know.  I finally just realized that God was filling my heart with just a fraction of the love he feels for teenagers~ for you.

So, when I say you’re loved I’m not throwing worthless words into the wind~ I mean it.  I truly mean that I love you~ I love you because God loves you and because I want to offer you a love I felt I lacked in my own life when I was your age (I’m not placing blame on anyone in my past, it’s just the way I felt, the way I perceived my world and truth is, perception is seen as reality).

In summary, and you can take it or leave it but I certainly hope you take it: You ARE loved!


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