Just because “it’s the way it is” doesn’t mean it’s the way it should be

If you’ve spent any time in one of our Say What??? groups over the last month or so, you’ve heard me say, “Just because “it’s the way it is” doesn’t mean it’s the way it should be.”  I’m happy to say, that phrase has caught on.

I came up with is shortly after I’d heard a few teenagers in one day, at different times and about different things say, “Yeah but Mel, that’s just the way it is.  That’s what teenagers do these days.”  I thought, and asked, “Well, does that make it right?”  All three replied the same, No, but it’s just what we do.”

That says to me that we have a large portion of your generation forgetting to set their own standard of living.  They forget their values and morals just to fit in. (There ARE exceptions to the case, of course)

Sure, since the beginning of time people have always tried to fit in, but does that mean it should continue that way? Is that just another “way it is” cycle OR  can we take a look at how it “should” be and move in that direction?

If everyone around you has a boyfriend or girlfriend, does that mean that you have to have one even if you don’t want one?

Do you have to try drugs simply because you figure everyone tries them at least once in their life (that’s a myth by the way) and teens are notorious for trying them?

When you go to dances or parties do you have to “grind” as a form of dancing or are you going to treat yourself and others with dignity and respect and not like objects?

I’ve even heard of parents telling their teens that they want them to try sex before they get married just so they know what it’s like, and besides, “All the kids are doing it anyway.” WHAT???

I may sound like a prude or strict or an unrealistic person, but I’m not.  I’m just holding you, or want to hold you to a higher standard.  Why? Because I know you can do it.  I also know that you’re wonderful and you owe it to yourself to develop your own set of values and have morals that you’re going to stick to.

Your generation can change the way others think~ YOUR generation, starting with YOU, can guide children, who will one day become a teenager themselves, to become even greater than they already are by helping them to not compromise.

I BELIEVE IN YOU, the question is, do you believe in yourself enough to think that you can make a difference?