What Does Your Facebook Say About You?

“Facebook me.” How many times a day do you hear that? I am going to guess a lot. It seems lately that everyone is on Facebook-parents, relatives, teachers, pastors. Is your online persona, the person you want those important people in your life to view you as? If not, then you need to take a good hard look at what you are putting on Facebook for the world to see. Once it is on Facebook it becomes public knowledge. It may seem far off in the future, but employers  and colleges are going to look at your Facebook. However, Facebook can be a wonderful way to express yourself and keep in touch. So next time you think about posting a status or a picture, think to yourself-“Would my parent/pastor/future employer want to see this?” If not, its probably a smart idea to save that story for your friends, not the entire world.

~Kate MacHugh, Intern for Driven


One thought on “What Does Your Facebook Say About You?

  1. Maryellen Fellenz says:

    So true! Alot of people don’t think about who can view their posts and pictures when they post things. I think that is an important message especially for teens applying to college and young adults applying for jobs. You can be the best canidate but if they see something that turns them off on your social networking site that can cost you a valued spot at college or a coveted job! Scary stuff

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