Drama, Drama, Drama.

“Did you hear about Brianna?” “Well I heard that Rob….” “I cant believe that Megan did….”

We all get ourselves into drama at one time or another.Avoiding drama can be difficult when gossip and being petty is so prevalent. We walk into church and our friends tell us about something  juicy that happened at the youth group we missed or we let a friend’s secret unintentionally slip at the lunch table. We should aim to stay out of drama but it can be really hard!

Lets say that you have gotten yourself into drama-yours, someone else’s, everyones.How do you get out alive and with the friends you went in with? First take a deep breath. Whatever it is, is not the end of the world. No matter how big it may seem, it can be fixed if you do the work.

1. Confront the gossiper

If YOU are the one gossiping – Apologize to the person you gossiped about. Tell them you understand how it could have hurt them and make a sincere promise to not let it happen again.

If someone is gossiping about you or a friend – Let them know that you do not appreciate their behavior and no else does either. Being confronted with the fact that people are uninterested will squash the rumor mill.

2. When you hear the rumor again

Tell the rumor whisperer that you are uninterested in hearing it, and if you can dispel the rumor.

3. Don’t Spread Rumors

Rumors are 100% preventable. Rumors are like fire. Fire needs oxygen to survive and rumors need a mouth to tell them and ear to listen.

Granted, if you did put your foot in your mouth and say something about a friend it is going to take some time for them to trust you again. Be understanding of their needs, and work to repair your friendship as best you can.

-Kate MacHugh, Intern For Driven


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