It’s my phone, my Facebook, my life-now just get out of it!

YOUR phone, YOUR Facebook, YOUR life-what gives your parents the right to go check on these things? If you have a parent/guardian who is constantly asking to see your texts, bugging you about who you talk to online, and asking you what is happening in your life-then you are really really lucky. Thats right, lucky. This means that your parents care enough about you and your well-being to make sure that things are okay with you. And chances are, something isn’t going all that right if your parents are asking about your phone and Facebook. We have all encountered times in our lives when we get ourselves in trouble with our phones or something we posted online. And, guess what-your parents can tell. They have known you for so long that the slightest change in you is huge to them. It’s their job as parents to watch over, care for, and nurture you. They check on you because they love you and want you to be safe. If it becomes an issue that does not go away on its own(which it wont) you need to talk to your parents about how it can be fixed. The key here is going to be compromise. If your parents want to see what you do on Facebook ask that they make their own and “friend” you. This can open a new door of communication. As far as checking your cell phone, parents pay the bill. You need to show your parents that you can be trusted with a cell phone and the responsibility that comes with it. If that means showing them your pictures or texts-you gotta do what you gotta do.

So remember, your parents love you. They care about you immensely, and want the best for you. So give them a break the next time they check on you. You are luckier than you realize.

-Kate MacHugh, Intern for Driven


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