Respect-Ya Gotta Give It To Get It

RESPECT. Small word, big meaning. Its the classic Golden Rule-Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. So lets break it down.

Respect For Yourself: Are you treating yourself the way you should be? Do you love yourself and value “you”? Do you let others take advantage of your kindness? Do you do things that are against your morals and values? If you find yourself answering yes, then chances are you are not respecting yourself. Time and time again I have heard people say that they respect someone who respects themselves. This may mean revamping your attitude. Take an inventory of you. Write down all the wonderful things about yourself, things that you value, and what you believe in. Now, I would like you to sign the bottom, and by signing you agree to not negotiate those things. If you listed that you are a good friend, you value your family, and you believe in waiting to have sex until you are married-and you find yourself in a situation that asks you to compromise any of those things you will know that you are respecting yourself by sticking to the list.

Respect for Your Parents and Authority Figures: Sure, your parents and teachers are completely out of the loop on what its like to be a teenager right? They do not have a clue in the world what its like to be you, and you should not have to listen to or respect them.WRONG. Your parents and teachers by default are in authority. There is no way around it. So how do you work with them and not against them? Respect. By respecting them you are showing them that you understand that they have thoughts and opinions that are of value.  It may seem simple and maybe even dumb but I can promise that being respectful will get you extremely far in life.

One last thought: Those who respect themselves, are respected by others. Those who respect others, are respected by themselves.

What does respect look like?


  • Be a good listener. Don’t be rude and interrupt; cutting people off when they are talking makes it seem as if what they are saying isn’t important to you. If what someone is talking about isn’t interesting to you–and the person isn’t an authority figure–find as polite a way as possible to excuse yourself from the conversation.
  • 2

    Be a considerate speaker. Don’t go on and on and on with your thoughts in a conversation without allowing another person to speak.

  • 3

    Respect other people’s property. Don’t touch or take things that belong to other people without permission.

  • 4

    Be considerate of other people’s time. If you say you are going to be somewhere at a certain time, make every effort to be there.

  • 5

    Follow rules. Bending or ignoring rules shows disrespect for whoever established them, as well as for the people who choose to follow them.

  • 6

    Don’t gossip or talk about people. This is hurtful and shows a lack of respect for the person you are talking about. In addition, it can also show disrespect for the person you are talking to, because you put them in an uncomfortable position of having to listen to you disrespect someone else.

  • Read more: How to Give Respect |



    -Kate MacHugh, Intern For Driven


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